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Mairin Best


Mairin is Hawkes Bay born and bred who completed her HR and management degree at EIT. Mairin has worked in the healthcare and education recruitment industries for the past 11 years in Australia and comes to us with a wealth of experience in the temporary and permanent recruitment space. Mairin was the Education Manager for the leading education temp agency in Melbourne for 7 years, managing placements of up to 2000 per week. She has also been the Director of People and Culture for the same large temp agency and so people and human resource management are her specialty.



Tessa is from Hawkes Bay and has been in the childcare industry for over 15 years, mainly in OSCAR, ECE and programme facilitation in schools. Tessa has 4 wonderful children, who motivated her to begin her career in Childcare. She wanted to create a unique space where her children could be a part of her everyday world, a safe place for them to grow their minds, imagination, confidence and realise their potential. Tessa believes every child should be given these simple opportunities in life and understands the importance of having educators as passionate as we are teaching our kids.


Te Paea completed her Business Administration studies in Hawkes Bay before transitioning to life on a dairy farm in Waikato. While there, she explored her passions and earned her Bachelor of Teaching in ECE going on to expand her educational expertise with the NZ Certificate in Tikanga - Te Kunenga o Te Ao Tikanga (Matauranga Maori) L4. Returning to her roots in sunny Hawkes Bay, Te Paea, now a mother of four, is committed to grounding her family and fostering great connections to their whakapapa. Te Paea also imparts her knowledge as a part-time teacher, specializing in one-on-one support for children, drawing from her rich experience in behaviour management and working with students from challenging backgrounds.

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