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My Relieving Experience

Kia ora, my name is Kelly and I have been a reliever through Toi Toi Recruitment and wanted to share my experience.

I was an experienced teacher before I began relieving with Toi Toi, however I definitely would (and have) recommend relieving through Toi Toi, especially for recently qualified teachers who might be looking to find their right fit Centre for a more permanent role. I enjoyed meeting so many knowledgeable kaiako and tamariki along my relieving journey and was able to see and be a part of working in Centres that work really well as a team. It's almost a must for your professional development and career.

I enjoyed the variety relief teaching offers and quickly found a rhythm with entering a new setting, which was a great boost for my confidence in my teaching abilities. It was also amazing for my reflective practice, making notes of resources and was provided with professional development opportunities. Once the working relationships were built with a few regular Centre’s, I even felt confident to offer constructive feedback of what I have seen working very well in other settings.

I was so pleased to deal with Toi Toi and felt really supported through the entire process as it was a big jump to leave a permanent role to try the relieving lifestyle. No question was left unanswered, policies and procedures made sure that relievers were up to date and felt safe in all their different environments even during a pandemic.

By Kelly Field

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