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The Benefits of being a Reliever in Hawkes Bay

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

There are many reasons why a teacher or teaching assistant may choose to work solely as a reliever, rather than wanting a more permanent role as a staff member in Schools or Centres. There are also a bunch of reasons why a teacher or teaching assistant would want to relieve in Hawkes Bay. So, lets explore it. If any of these reasons piques your interest and makes you wonder if being a relief teacher in Hawkes Bay is for you, then please do get in contact with our team –

The lifestyle of a reliever can definitely be one of envy. Arriving at work at 8.30am and leaving by 3pm is probably at the height of that envy. As a permanent team member of a Centre or a School there are always reasons why you will be required to work longer hours than the average reliever. There will always be meetings to attend before and after school, parent-teacher interviews, as well as lesson planning, marking, reporting, data analysis and strategic planning. Of course, all this work is absolutely necessary, and we are admirable to the teachers out there who complete all of this daily. However, as a reliever educator the requirements are just not the same. Yes, you may be required to do some marking, and some lesson planning, however the meetings are not part of your role.

As a relief teacher, you also get to choose how often and where you work. That is part of the lifestyle of being a casual teacher. You can decide if you only need part time work and therefore do 2 shifts a week. You may still want 5 days a week and that’s cool too. Perhaps you have retired and only want to work once in a blue moon – we can also accommodate this.

In terms of where you work, perhaps you would like to try your hand in after school care or holiday programs. Or as an Early Childhood educator, you may want to make the move into Primary teaching. Joining an agency can be the quickest way to make these jumps in your career. We can also accommodate requests of wanting to work at only one school or centre. Or perhaps you have been trying to get in with a school that is just down the road from where you live. At Toi Toi Recruitment our aim is to help you reach your career goals – whatever those goals may be.

Why Hawkes Bay I hear you ask? Well, where do we start. We might be a little biased with our opinions here, as we are all Hawkes Bay born and bred and absolutely love where we live! If you are reading this and don’t live in Hawkes Bay, hopefully we can convince you to come for a visit, and potentially even move!

Hawkes Bay is known for its beautiful scenery and the region really knows how to put it on. Although we are a coastal, and in some cases referred to as a small NZ town, we truly believe Hawkes Bay has the best of both worlds – the city life and the country town. Hawkes Bay is located on the East coast of the North island about halfway between Auckland and Wellington. Hawkes Bay’s population has grown rapidly over the years and we now have a population of close to 180000 people! Boasting the different cities of Napier and Hastings, and the smaller towns like Havelock North, Central Hawkes Bay, and our coastal beaches like Haumoana, Te Awanga, and Waimarama, our region really does have something to offer for everyone.

It is also no secret that we are called ‘Wine Country’ for a reason. Hawkes Bay is famous in New Zealand for producing some of the best quality wine to come out of our country. Hawkes Bay proudly has some of New Zealand’s oldest wineries still operating.

Hawkes Bay is also home to some amazing events that is sure to provide something for everyone. The region has hosted some of the biggest music acts, sporting and cultural events that have been a destination for travellers from all over New Zealand. Home to the Mission concert, Art Deco weekend, Horse of the Year, and Rhythm and Vines just to name a few. We also host more regular events like the Farmers Market, marathons, arts and crafts classes and comedy events. Hawkes Bay is an up-and-coming area of New Zealand to live, and we couldn’t be more proud to be a locally owned and operated business right here in the Bay.

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